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Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday Fab Finds - Petunia's

This cute little shop just a click away on the web has 20% off everything in the boutique! 2 Fresh Petunia's is definitely for the fashionable momma with fresh and fun designs.

Colorful diaper bags, wipe container covers and even regular bags for every day use. I like this black and white bag as that's the color combo this fall/ it would match just about everything I have.

On the days I want to feel a little more fun and sassy, plus need to take along the kitchen sink, I'd pick this fabulously colored creation. Measuring 12 x 17 x 5, the Mexican Dreams bag is large enough for the necessary items for me and the kiddos. Regularly $98, now just 78.40. A great deal for an original, handmade design.

Check out what my friends over at 2 Fresh Petunia's have in their fun little shop. Enjoy the super discount and have a Fab Friday!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Arm Candy

Check out these sassy pieces of art at

Each is a unique piece of art, one-of-a-kind creations. She uses glass pebbles to create unique beads, bits of scrapbooking embellishments, and fun accents like ceramic tiles and semi-precious stone.

Sassy words can be found if you look closely, like "ROCK", "SEXY", "GLAM" and many more. Custom creations are availalbe, just email for info.

Get one of these bits of art for yourself before they are all gone. These are definitely a hot item for the season!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Under 50

No, not just my age...WELL under 50, by the way.
These are great finds under $50.

Check out these handbags. YES, handbags for under $50. 20% off sale going on now at Designs by Beth Ann. Discount immediately given at checkout. Shop now

I love One Little Monkey and the products they carry. Check out these so cute changing mats. Imagine how worn mine must be after three boys. It's time for some new duds, don't you think?

How about some cute artwork for junior's room? Can you believe you can get original pieces for under $50? Urbantique Designs must be crazy, because there are some animal themed pieces for just $38. No two are alike!

Ok, so it's late and the kids need to go to bed. Just had to share these cute finds with you today! Shop on!!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Got Coffee?

Be the first on your block to own Queen Couture! Get a "Queen" t-shirt or tank now! Are you a working queen? Then you must let everyone know by showing off this Queen coffee mug around the office. Lots of fun Queen stuff in our Cafe Press store. Go there and support the MOBsLounge.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thursday Rambles

We're trying to get used to the new schedule. Our eldest prince is in first grade now. Kindergarten was only 1/2 day, so this whole-day school business is new for us. Ahhh...such peace. The older two constantly fight lately so it's been good to put an end to that.

Also new for us is riding the bus. I never rode the bus to school. Back in the day you could let your kids walk to school or ride their bikes. We didn't have to cross 4 lane intersections, worry about scary strangers and rabid dogs. It was nice, albeit a little naive. So now I put my baby on a bus and watch as the driver steams down the street, well above the speed limit, and hope he's safe.

Big Shot, as I now call him, loves school and thinks riding the bus is the coolest ticket in town. Thank goodness. No more interupted nap and trying to keep two litle one's occupied in the car as we wait in the mini-van pick-up lane. Life is going to be a breeze now. (ha ha, yeah right)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Donate for Life

I'm sad to report that one of our MOBsters lost her dear sister last week to chronic lung disease. It's been a very difficult last few weeks as she was being kept alive by machines waiting for a lung transplant, then having that denied due to an infection.

Please give the most generous gift, that of life. Make sure it's indicated on your driver's license and that your family knows of your wishes. Some mother, father or child, may need you after you're gone.

If you would like to make a donation in honor of our friend Diane and in memory of her sister, Karen, please check out these sites (Diane is in Canada):

The "Trillium Gift of Life Network" - Ontario's organ & tissue donation agency.

Or the Toronto General Hospital, University Health Network's multi-organ transplant program website...

Also.. to make a donation to an organ donation agency in canada please go to... and click on the province you'd like to make a contribution to.
Likewise... if you live in the US and would like to make a donation in Karen's memory, there is this site

Thank you friends. Say a prayer for Diane and her family. Hugs Diane ~ I'm so sorry for your loss. J and the mobsters

Monday, August 14, 2006

Manic Models

Can you believe that I spent my entire Sunday with models? Eesh. Not my idea of a good time. I was their accessories stylist. Luckily for me, a lot of the girls were quite sweet. One totally cute and sweet young girl was actually self-consconscious, and rightly so since her agent told her that her thighs were huge. ACK! Poor thing. It's hard to imagine what these girls put themselves through to try to be a model.

This brings us to another addition to my list of 'why I'm so glad that I have boys'. Of course boys are sometimes self-conscious and (hopefully) care about their appearance...but I do hope they never rely on it so much that it defines who they are. As a girl it seemed that appearance was all that mattered. Not intelligence, personality. Just looks. Is this the fault of the boys? Hmmm...that's one to think on. I suppose the best thing we can do for the girls of this world is to teach our boys to look beyond the looks. Peer inside and get to know who is actually in there.

Ok...on a less serious, but funny note....I was such a devil yesterday. Can you believe that, during this 7 hour session, I had the nerve to get hungry? I went to the grocery store nearby and got a huge sandwich, non-diet soda, and a big box of chocolate chip cookies. ;)

Friday, August 11, 2006

Fab Friday Finds

I just ran across a give away at Pitter Patter Creations. They are giving away a gift certificate for a two-tier diaper cake, approx. $71 value - includes shipping! Go there now to enter. What a great gift that would make!

Here's is a fun, treasure hunt type of contest at In Haute Pursuit. You need to visit some web stores to answer the questions they have for you, but when you see all the goodies they are giving away, you'll see it's VERY worth your time!

And some lovely necklaces at 50% off at Valentina Design. I found several that I liked that were under $20, plus free shipping!

Shop on my friends. What better way to start the weekend than with some fabulous finds? TGIF!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

In Kristine's Shower

This must be a very nice place, Kristine's Shower, because I've used some of Kristine's products in my shower and it's delightful! You too can indulge in some simple pleasures by visiting

Today I tried the Body Frosting, which is essentially a sugar scrub laced with shea butter and other skin loving products. It's a great exfoliant! My favorite oily residue on the shower floor. So much easier for the maid to clean. ;)
I used the scrub before shaving and I really feel like that helps me get a smoother shave.

Next I slather on the Shea Butter Body Sorbet. It is as lush and yummy as it sounds! Speaking of lush...the fragrance I'm using is called Lush and I adore it. It's a blend of aloe and clover..I would have never guessed. Not fruity, but slightly sweet. Mmm mmm good. I have been using the sorbet for a week. Not once has it made me break out in bumps after shaving like so many over-the-counter lotions do. It isn't greasy, yet leaves my skin feeling smooth.

Kristine's Shower has got it goin' on! Now here is the best part! She's offering a fantastic special to all my loyal subjects.
Special message from Jenny of Kristine's Shower: "As a special offer to your readers, I would like to give you a running special by using this code: MOBS20. This will be a valid code for 20% off all Kristine's Shower products exclusive to your site!" WOW! Go shopping ladies!

I can promise you that I'll be using this code. I'm already addicted to a few of the products and I haven't even had a chance to try the bath bombs she sent me! Check out the web store and stock up on goodies for you and your gal pals. Kristine's Shower

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Bad Blogger

I am a terrible, horrible blogger. Suddenly I can't keep up with anything. Well, that's not true. I'm simply starting too many things at once. Like now, for instance...I've decided to drag out all my scrapbooking stuff and set it all up in the kitchen. What I failed to fully admit, is how much of that stuff I have. Maybe I should set it up in the garage and simply sell it. I'd surely make several hundred dollars and not even see a dent in the mess.

So that is what consumes me right now. Tomorrow it will be something new, I'm sure. I do have some wonderful products to tell you about, so I'll probably do that tomorrow. I now hear the pitter patter of little feet in the kitchen above, which can only mean that the baby prince is near my paper goods and probably about to make a large dent in my scrapping fortune.

Good day!

Monday, August 07, 2006

The Morning After

Today is the vacation after the vacation. We're vegging out, trying not to think or do too much. The weekend away was actually fun, even with three busy boys. We traveled to St. Louis, visited the Magic House and Grant's Farm. Of course we had to also pick up some cases of wine - see the forum for more on that. :)

I highly recommend staying at the Embassy Suites where ever you go with kids. The two rooms were so wonderful for putting the kids to bed, then having some time to sit and read a while, watch TV, and have a few drinks from the lounge.

The kids were SO impressed by it all, the atrium style set-up, glass elevators, huge lounge/dining area. I'm sure when you're only about 3 ft tall, everything is enormous. Add to that a microwave, refrigerator and TWO tv's in the room and we had the makings of our own Suite Life show. By the end, the boys didn't really want to leave and didn't understand why we couldn't live in a hotel forever, just like the twins on Disney.

I'm glad to be back. Not glad to check the inbox, but work must go on. I've been trying out product samples all weekend and have some yummy review material to share. Stay tuned this week and make sure you visit the Lounge for fun chats with fellow MOBsters, and get the latest coupons and deals here on the Dose. Ciao!

Thursday, August 03, 2006


I almost hope that everyone is out keeping the kids busy and not noticing that I totally blew off blogging yesterday. My own kids are driving my crazy, my other biz is nutty-busy right now, and I just didn't have anything important to tell you. Actually I received a huge box of samples and goodies yesterday that I will be indulging in for the next week or more. I'll have some fabulous review topics for next week for sure!
We've got a small family vacation planned that we leave for this afternoon, so I'm cramming in a few Fab Friday Finds to get you thru the long-weekend I'm taking.

Weekend Jewelry - buy anything at Weekend Jewelry, then email them for a free pair of earrings to add to tyour goodies! The special offer is good through Monday, August 14. Everything on the site is included in the offer - all you have to do is email for the free earrings. One per customer.

The Soap Lounge - big sale on Facial Tea. Regularly $7 for a 12 oz jar, now only $4! Detoxify your skin from the harsh elements of mother nature!! Thru August, while supplies last.

The Monkey and Me - Free Shipping! Fellow mother of a boy runs this shop and has some great duds for boys.

Enjoy these great deals and the weekend ahead!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

One Soft Blankee

Every baby must have at least one beautiful blanket. However, many are so over-done with appliqu├ęs, stitching and other uncomfortable additions. Not to mention how inappropriate for a new born to have in a crib.

Blankee salvation recently arrived in the Queens mailbox. It's the gorgeous, ultra-soft creation by The Blankee Company. This blanket is stunning. So much thought & care was obviously put into the design of this adorable blankee. Of course the blanket is machine-washable and is made of soft chamois suede on one side, while the other side is a super-soft material embossed with moon and stars design.

The Blankee Company, out of Beverly Hills, has several selections of blankee's online at Be sure to order one of these extraordinary blankets for your next baby shower gift!