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Monday, July 07, 2008

Help for the Rising Grocery Bill

I think we all have seen our grocery bill rise in the past few months... or more accurately in the past 6 months. Around Christmas I was able to buy our favorite ground Starbucks coffee for around $6. After a couple increases since then, we are now paying close to $9 - yikes! And just last week I noticed a 30 cent jump in the price of a can of black beans that I buy weekly. Not to mention eggs and milk have been on the rise - along with most items on the grocery store shelves.

I don't know about you, but being a full time mom means there is one income coming in - my husband's. So, I have started clipping coupons, watching the sales and fixing some vegetarian meals each week. Meat is probably one of the more expensive items on the grocery list. And eating red meat is recommend only once a week for heart health - so you can save money & help your heart! Another saver is to plan meals for the week. Then you know what you need from the store, instead of buying a bunch of stuff and then later realize you still don't have everything to make a complete meal. Also, keep alert to the prices you are seeing. I dread shopping at Walmart, but I can get some of our things cheaper there - but not everything, so beware when you shop. Surprisingly, Target can beat Walmart prices on some things. Of the staples I buy often, I keep a mental note of who has them cheaper. I know, it can be easier to just pick things up all at one store - and sometimes I do that. However, if you know you are going to be driving past another store that has your items less expensive - why not save a little?

Looking for more tricks to help save on your grocery bill? Here are a couple good articles to read. Check out the Coupon Mom and 50 ways to save money on your grocery bill.


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