The Daily Dose by The Queen Mum

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Shop in your PJ's!

Oh the weather outside is frightful, and the shopping at my computer in my PJ's is delightful! Let's get the credit cards out and get some shopping done online, shall we?

Taking the easy way out: gift certificates. Hey, if you want it done right, sometimes you need to do it yourself. So let your friends and family do their own gift-picking thanks to your generous gift certificates!
Here are a few of my favorite places that offer gift certificates:

SBS Teas
Country Meadow Soaps
jennyLou's online Boutique
Botanical Earth

And a few sales I found:
Zoey Naturals ~ great moisturizers and anti-aging products up to 30% off!
Manic Trout ~ up to 50% off select items, beautiful earrings on sale!
Tilting Swiftly ~ more beautiful jewelry and 15% off everything!
Kristine's Shower ~ great products in the clearance bin! I love their bath bombs.
Shades of Violet ~ fabulous notecards on sale!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Color Me Pretty

Today my favorite thing is mineral make up from Abbey St. Clare. I tried the plum eye shadow and I LOVE it! Honestly...when I first looked at this color, I thought there was no way I was wearing purple shimmer eye shadow. But I tried it anyway and am SO glad I did. With a light dusting, it makes for a nice light touch of color..or go a bit heavier and create a beautiful smokey-color. LOVE IT!

Oh I can't find the plum color on their site. But the Aged Wine and Dewberry colors look promising. At just $5 for 5 grams, or $7.50 for 10 grams, you just have to try a few colors. It lasts for so long. You really get your money's worth. Plus, mineral make up is supposed to be the big thing right now. Very pure. Less chance for allergies. Better for your skin than most drugstore brands.

Get on over to Abbey St. Clare and see all the mineral make up goodies they have. I also just found this green-ish shade on sale for just $4.50 for 10 grams!!
Another great stocking stuffer!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

We Must, We Must!

For my Tuesday favorite I just have to share this find: The silicone filled push up pads at

Nursing 3 babies hasn't exactly left me large and in charge. I don't want to be porn-star big...just fit nicely into my new blouses and shirts.

These are comfortable, soft and completely natural looking. MUCH less expensive than most places I find them online, at $22 for the pair, it's a STEAL! Give your girls a boost.

Also, send your hubby on over to get some of jennyLou's jewelry for your stocking. Lot's of goodies to be had!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Monday- My Favorite

Ok, Monday isn't exactly my favorite, but since shopping season is here, I'm sharing some of my favorite things this week.

First, I'm really digging this all-in-one body and hair shampoo by HPO Spa Treatments. I love it because, at the gym, it's one less bottle I have to drag into the shower. It's light, smells wonderful, and gets me clean. Bottom line, that's the important part. Right? My hair feels squeeky clean and not full of residue, like I thought it may with an all-in-one. And it makes my shower just a little quicker now too.

I've also tried their body lotion and butter drops. Both yummy moisture treatments for my body and have that lovely signature HPO essential oil scents. These would make a great stocking stuffer!

Keep checking back for more of my tried-and-true favorites!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

You turkey..

My son had to draw a Thanksgiving scene of his family. He drew all five of us, one bearing a large gun pointed at a turkey. I'm not sure what alarmed me more, than he could draw a gun, or that his innocence has been shed- for he knows the truth that a meal on the table doesn't simply come from the grocery store. I don't think I have a point to that story...his picture is just stuck in my head for some reason.

We're staying put this week. I honestly told my family that I didn't feel like having guests, cleaning my house, etc. They are used to me. They took the news in stride. Amazing was how many of my friends were astonished at my frankness. Does everyone else endure guests simply out of obligation, whether you are pleased to have them around or not? Why is that? What happened to "just say no!" ?? If you didn't want me at your house, I'd certainly want you to say so. I guess I'm thankful that I can be honest with my friends and family. They know it's not them specifically that I don't want...but that I just can't do the chaos right now. Luckily, they are cool with that. Unless, of course, they are the one's not being honest.

Hmm?? I wonder.
Have a great turkey day everyone!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What's That Smell?

Can you smell it? Surely the neighbors will complain soon. The smell of sickness seems to have permeated into ever fiber of every object of this house. I suppose that's to be expected when the flu bug makes it's way through 3 children, one small tummy at a time.

I picked a swell time to pull all the winter clothes out of storage to start washing them. That was immediately halted by the first round of...ejections.

You's one thing to see a young kid go through this, but now the baby has it and he is NOT at ALL pleased with this new experience of puking. Poor baby, it breaks my heart. And he looks at me like it's MY fault? "Geez dude, I was just standing here. You're the one puking all over ME!"

So I'm opening all the windows as we're having a crazy heat wave of 80 degrees here in the Midwest. I swear the neighbors get out of their cars, squish up their faces, cover their noses and dash inside the house. "Yeah...well how do you think I feel stuck inside this mess people?" Softies.

Now you know why AGAIN, the Queenmum is slacking on her posts. It's pukes, not posts, around here girls. Life happens. :) Feel free to send in your hints and tips on how to amuse a very angry, smelly, pukey baby!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Boogie Nights

Oh My Goodness! I did such a non-mom thing last night and it was fantastic! Don't you ever just want to go out and have fun with the girls like you did when you were younger, without children? So what is stopping you?
Nothing was stopping me last night. I got the baby to bed so hubby just had the older two boys. I figured since they were all in bed, I'd have myself a grand time, and girl-friends....I boogied my booty for hours. How refreshing to not give a hoot about dating and hooking up while at a club! I danced how I wanted to dance, my hair became a mess, I got hot and sweaty and I didn't care because it was so much fun. I got a better work out than I've had at the gym in ages.
So in the spirit of mental and physical wellness, I urge you to go out after 9 pm. Find a club with a fantastic DJ, some great food and hopping dance floor. Then go shake that booty baby!