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Monday, August 07, 2006

The Morning After

Today is the vacation after the vacation. We're vegging out, trying not to think or do too much. The weekend away was actually fun, even with three busy boys. We traveled to St. Louis, visited the Magic House and Grant's Farm. Of course we had to also pick up some cases of wine - see the forum for more on that. :)

I highly recommend staying at the Embassy Suites where ever you go with kids. The two rooms were so wonderful for putting the kids to bed, then having some time to sit and read a while, watch TV, and have a few drinks from the lounge.

The kids were SO impressed by it all, the atrium style set-up, glass elevators, huge lounge/dining area. I'm sure when you're only about 3 ft tall, everything is enormous. Add to that a microwave, refrigerator and TWO tv's in the room and we had the makings of our own Suite Life show. By the end, the boys didn't really want to leave and didn't understand why we couldn't live in a hotel forever, just like the twins on Disney.

I'm glad to be back. Not glad to check the inbox, but work must go on. I've been trying out product samples all weekend and have some yummy review material to share. Stay tuned this week and make sure you visit the Lounge for fun chats with fellow MOBsters, and get the latest coupons and deals here on the Dose. Ciao!


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