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Thursday, August 10, 2006

In Kristine's Shower

This must be a very nice place, Kristine's Shower, because I've used some of Kristine's products in my shower and it's delightful! You too can indulge in some simple pleasures by visiting

Today I tried the Body Frosting, which is essentially a sugar scrub laced with shea butter and other skin loving products. It's a great exfoliant! My favorite oily residue on the shower floor. So much easier for the maid to clean. ;)
I used the scrub before shaving and I really feel like that helps me get a smoother shave.

Next I slather on the Shea Butter Body Sorbet. It is as lush and yummy as it sounds! Speaking of lush...the fragrance I'm using is called Lush and I adore it. It's a blend of aloe and clover..I would have never guessed. Not fruity, but slightly sweet. Mmm mmm good. I have been using the sorbet for a week. Not once has it made me break out in bumps after shaving like so many over-the-counter lotions do. It isn't greasy, yet leaves my skin feeling smooth.

Kristine's Shower has got it goin' on! Now here is the best part! She's offering a fantastic special to all my loyal subjects.
Special message from Jenny of Kristine's Shower: "As a special offer to your readers, I would like to give you a running special by using this code: MOBS20. This will be a valid code for 20% off all Kristine's Shower products exclusive to your site!" WOW! Go shopping ladies!

I can promise you that I'll be using this code. I'm already addicted to a few of the products and I haven't even had a chance to try the bath bombs she sent me! Check out the web store and stock up on goodies for you and your gal pals. Kristine's Shower


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