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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Plugged In

We have tested another cool and genius product. I found a MOBster with a 7 year old son and she said these earphones were superb!

First, they are smaller than typical earphones, so they fit the kiddos ears perfectly than adult size earphones and are comfortable to wear. And since kids like to pump up the music, these earphones are the first of their kind - they help prevent long-term hearing damage due to their outer ear design. AirDrives are approved for all day listening even at max volume so you can be confident your kids ears are safe.

And we can't forget to mention, these beauties let your child remain aware of life's surroundings... meaning your darling son can't say he didn't hear you when you told him to clean up his room. Or more importanly he can hear a car coming behind him while riding his bike.

They also make AirDrives for adults, perfect for outdoor activities, on the airplane & working out. You can pick you pair up at Best Buy & Amazon. These aren't your typical earphones, so expect to pay a little more for premium earphones. Save your kids ears and still enjoy music while living life!


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