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Friday, December 29, 2006

Fab Friday Find

I have to watch what I say and do becauses there is a secret agent living in our home. Too bad he walks like an elephant or he might actually be able to be "secret" about it. :)
Our oldest son is a few months shy of being 7 - he loves his new Spy Master secret agent kit that we found at Barnes & Noble. It comes with pretend passport, code book, missions, and much more. His favorite piece is the fake moustache and sunglasses. And he takes it so seriously when he's in costume.
Another fun Christmas gift find!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

We're back!

We are home from our trip over the river and through the woods to Grandma's house. It's always such a joy traveling with three little boys. ;)

Now I get to review presents! Our favorites so far are all the Playmobil sets. Our boys are big into pirates right now, thanks to Pirates of the "Carabeeeen" (per my 3 yr. old) and love the Playmobil Pirate Treasure Chest and Playmobil Eagle Castle. The castle takes some time to set up, but it's really not all that complicated. At $50, it seems a bargain these they actually use their own imagination! No electronic moving parts or noises! We purchased four additional sets of people at $2-$4 each to make it even more fun.

The Pirate Treasure Chest is a great addition to the castle, even easier to assemble, and it all folds back up into the big chest that the kids can actually carry around.

If you want a great boy gift with no noise makers that they will actually play with...check out the Playmobil goodies. We purchased most of ours from and this year.

Now, I'm being summoned by the black knight to come play pirates & knights. bye bye!

Friday, December 22, 2006

A Safe Home

This topic may be a bit taboo is some circles...well, those cirlces need to get over it. Domestic abuse happens all too often and it does not discriminate. It affects rich & poor, any race. Women like you, like me, like our friends.

A great resource for information and help is SafeHome. Their web site is full of helpful information..some a bit shocking. According to the site, of high school graduates, 1 in 4 has been in an abusive relationship. As a parent, this is alarming. Especially a parent of a boy. In this world of gender equality I wonder if parents still teach their boys that it's not right to hit a girl, to open the door for a lady and use your best manners in the company of a girl/woman or adult. We do, and I'll admit, I feel a little old-fashioned. But how else can you teach the respect at such an early age? It is fun to see the look on people's faces when my 3 & 6 year old are fighting to be the "polite one" holding the door. :)

The site gives a wonderful Dating Bill of Rights that I hope you will share with your children when they are at the appropriate age. Their first "right" is a great quote: I HAVE THE RIGHT TO TRUST MYSELF ABOVE ALL OTHERS --Claudette McShane - 1988.

If you or someone you know suffers from abuse, please call your local shelter, or our friends at SafeHome, to help you get to safety. Have a safe and wonderful holiday everyone! See you next week after my vacation!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Extended 30-50% off Sale!

We found this great sale at, but it was ending today. After a quick email, jennyLou said she'd give us an extra day. So get on over there and find loads of goodies for yourself.

We all know that if we want it done right, us momma's have to get it done ourselves. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to some fabulous earrings at 30% off.

My favorite is the skull and crossbones bracelet. Each of the jennyLou Hodge Podge bracelets is an original. Normally almost $40 each, now just $26.60 with the 30% discount. That is a steal for an original piece!

I love the glow-in-the-dark panties, especially at 50% off! And the chocolate truffle-scented body products at 50% off couldn't come at a better time for my winter-dried skin. Yummy chocolate body butter!

Visit jennyLou's boutique online now and save big bucks!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Saying "Thanks!"

Your Christmas cards may be out already, but do have have the cutest ever thank-you cards ready? If not, visit our great friends at Bigg Eye Creations for the sassy little note cards illustrated by owner, Suzanne Wolff.
Cards featuring her famous characters start at $14.95 for a pack of 10. What a great deal! Original artwork, a beautiful package, and fantastic phrases like:
"Martini Mama"
"Coffee Chic"
and so many more. I love having these on hand to send a surprise note to a friend. They are such a pick me up!
Check out Bigg Eye Creations and stock up on some personalized cards for you and your family.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Countdown to Christmas

Well, we have a week left. It still feels a million miles away until opening day, but Christmas is right around the corner. If you've not finished all your shopping, I'll do my best to give you some great ideas this week. Check back each day!

What a great idea this is for a personalized gift: Fill In The Blankie by Sonya BebeBlankee. Soft 100% cotton blankets embroidered around the edges. It's a little late if you want this by Christmas day, but you can order the non-personalized gifts: Pig In A Blankie. These are absolutely adorable, huggable AND can ship the same day. Just pick your animal, a blanket to wrap it in, and ship. It's that easy.

Bookmark this site because you never know when you'll need a special, personalized item in a hurry. And it beats trekking to the mall for a gift!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Today's Deal!

Another great coupon code just for YOU, mobster. Just click the image below to view all the fantastic deals on our Coupon Page!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Deals for the Day

A quick deal for you before I get shouted at by the kids that dinner isn't ready STILL... :)

We have several new coupons on our Coupon Page. Be sure to check them out! Here is one of my favorite new boutiques: Growing Up With Style. I've worked with owners Jen and Becki before and they are wonderful gals! If you need a great gift, visit their quaint little place on the web, and be sure to use the coupon code they gave us! Cheers!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Morning Madness

We seem to be clear of the pox. Thank goodness. Still don't know what the baby has-other than cronic crankiness, but it seems tolerable.

Next on my list is some Christmas shopping. Scouting out the deals and steals this morning and thought I'd share some finds with you.

Our friends at dear monday send us this fabulous coupon with exclusive discount for MOBs Lounge mommas! 15% off their fantastic paper goods with beautiful designs. Please pay them a visit!

I'm always on the look-out for fabulous bags that are nice enough for me to carry around, suitable to throw some diapers and wipes in, and durable for all the beatings it would take belonging to a busy mom of boys. I stumbled upon this designers' store on the web. Check out these lovely large bags by Fierce Kitten Studio!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

As Seen On

Please post this graphic with link back to us on your website if we've blogged about you lately and you like it! We'd love some help making the MOB grow. :)

The Pox?

Oh crap...I'm not sure, but the baby may have chickenpox. He has a huge rash all over his chest and back, plus a lot on his arms and upper legs...and MY is he cranky lately!!! He has no fever though. I think it was yesterday when we noticed the rash. I guess I'll show up at the doctor's office tomorrow at 8 a.m. and see what they think.

If I disappear on'll know the news wasn't good and we're quarantined. I guess that shouldn't keep me from the computer, but I know that little monster will milk it for all it's worth if he does indeed have the pox.

Ugh...what is it with this third child? Every thing is "third times a charm"! :)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Since a lot of our Mobsters are in the Kansas City area, we want to make sure you all know about this awesome event. The toys from the toy drive will be given to the kids at SafeHome. So spread the word if you're in the area and support this great cause, plus get some great shopping done at a fabulous discount!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Camera's Ready

Make sure you have enough film, DVD's, and whatever else it takes to run your camera's for the holidays. Get them now before you forget and the kids are tearing into the gifts!

Once you have all your photos taken, check out Reliving Moments. They can put together a beautiful video montage of your favorite photos and with three package prices to choose from, they are sure to please.

What a great way to preserve your special moments - plus the video's make great gifts!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mi favorite find today!

It took me a while...I've been slacking today. But I finally found something fun....a birthday celebration for our friends at Mi Spa.
To celebrate their first birthday, they are giving away goodie bags with each order. More details for the birthday give-away on their site.

I also found a page of specials. You know I love a sale on body products!

Mimi Wong is definitely dedicated to her craft and in making beautiful, natural products to bring out your healthy glow.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Ball Breaking

No, not that kind. It's the baby and the dang Christmas decorations. He broke two or three last night when we were decorating the tree. Two more this afternoon in the space of 5 minutes! I'm losing my balls, left and right! :) ha ha I just had to say that. So now I have a 9 ft tree that is bare from the floor up to about the 3 ft mark.

I still have deals & steals pouring into my inbox each day, but will try to keep posting my favorite products that I've actually tested and tried, AND that are giving discounts.

If you buy from these companies I post about, PLEASE tell them the Mobs Lounge sent you! I like for us to look good. ;) And let me know what you've tried and enjoyed. I'd be happy to post your recommendations here as well. Cheers!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

ULTA-mate discount!

I just got this awesome coupon delivered to my inbox, 20% off any one item at Ulta. Redeem online or print store coupon: to redeem on-line, enter coupon code 70662 in the space provided in your shopping bag and click 'add code'. Click here for printable store coupon. Expires Sat. Dec. 9, 2006.

While browsing the Ulta site I found this awesome gift. A box of beauty - 7 different palettes of coordinating make-up colors. Take the guess work out of your beauty routine. It's only $19.99 and includes a little compact which holds one of the palettes. So snap out your favorite look, snap it in the compact, and go! I know exactly which person on my list needs this. Happy Shopping!