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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thursday Rambles

We're trying to get used to the new schedule. Our eldest prince is in first grade now. Kindergarten was only 1/2 day, so this whole-day school business is new for us. Ahhh...such peace. The older two constantly fight lately so it's been good to put an end to that.

Also new for us is riding the bus. I never rode the bus to school. Back in the day you could let your kids walk to school or ride their bikes. We didn't have to cross 4 lane intersections, worry about scary strangers and rabid dogs. It was nice, albeit a little naive. So now I put my baby on a bus and watch as the driver steams down the street, well above the speed limit, and hope he's safe.

Big Shot, as I now call him, loves school and thinks riding the bus is the coolest ticket in town. Thank goodness. No more interupted nap and trying to keep two litle one's occupied in the car as we wait in the mini-van pick-up lane. Life is going to be a breeze now. (ha ha, yeah right)


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