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Friday, June 27, 2008

Creature Comforts

Gifts for girlfriends can get difficult sometimes. Maybe it's someone you've only known a short while but want something special for.
Or possibly you've been friends for so long that you have to keep a spreadsheet to catalouge what you give to her throughout the years.

Chances are that you'll never mess up with this fab idea...
Send her a PajamaGram - the best pajama's delivered in an adorable hatbox!
Really...who doesn't love Pj's? Or my favorite, Robes & Slippers.

Check it out and start planning your gift giving for the remainder of the year! New moms. Old friends. Even stuff for kids and guys!

As usual, the Mobsters have a sale tidbit for you!
Save 10%! Enter Code pptr10d at checkout! Expires Oct 15th.

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