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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Under 50

No, not just my age...WELL under 50, by the way.
These are great finds under $50.

Check out these handbags. YES, handbags for under $50. 20% off sale going on now at Designs by Beth Ann. Discount immediately given at checkout. Shop now

I love One Little Monkey and the products they carry. Check out these so cute changing mats. Imagine how worn mine must be after three boys. It's time for some new duds, don't you think?

How about some cute artwork for junior's room? Can you believe you can get original pieces for under $50? Urbantique Designs must be crazy, because there are some animal themed pieces for just $38. No two are alike!

Ok, so it's late and the kids need to go to bed. Just had to share these cute finds with you today! Shop on!!


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