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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Color Me Pretty

Today my favorite thing is mineral make up from Abbey St. Clare. I tried the plum eye shadow and I LOVE it! Honestly...when I first looked at this color, I thought there was no way I was wearing purple shimmer eye shadow. But I tried it anyway and am SO glad I did. With a light dusting, it makes for a nice light touch of color..or go a bit heavier and create a beautiful smokey-color. LOVE IT!

Oh I can't find the plum color on their site. But the Aged Wine and Dewberry colors look promising. At just $5 for 5 grams, or $7.50 for 10 grams, you just have to try a few colors. It lasts for so long. You really get your money's worth. Plus, mineral make up is supposed to be the big thing right now. Very pure. Less chance for allergies. Better for your skin than most drugstore brands.

Get on over to Abbey St. Clare and see all the mineral make up goodies they have. I also just found this green-ish shade on sale for just $4.50 for 10 grams!!
Another great stocking stuffer!


  • At 6:55 PM, Blogger KateHall said…

    I agree! I've been using Abbey St. Clare products for a few months and they are all fantastic. All the makeup shades are so subtle beautiful. My favorite product is the earth and herbs mud masque--I use it about 3 times per week and it always makes my skin feeling fresh and looking great. You definitely can't go wrong on their site.


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