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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What's That Smell?

Can you smell it? Surely the neighbors will complain soon. The smell of sickness seems to have permeated into ever fiber of every object of this house. I suppose that's to be expected when the flu bug makes it's way through 3 children, one small tummy at a time.

I picked a swell time to pull all the winter clothes out of storage to start washing them. That was immediately halted by the first round of...ejections.

You's one thing to see a young kid go through this, but now the baby has it and he is NOT at ALL pleased with this new experience of puking. Poor baby, it breaks my heart. And he looks at me like it's MY fault? "Geez dude, I was just standing here. You're the one puking all over ME!"

So I'm opening all the windows as we're having a crazy heat wave of 80 degrees here in the Midwest. I swear the neighbors get out of their cars, squish up their faces, cover their noses and dash inside the house. "Yeah...well how do you think I feel stuck inside this mess people?" Softies.

Now you know why AGAIN, the Queenmum is slacking on her posts. It's pukes, not posts, around here girls. Life happens. :) Feel free to send in your hints and tips on how to amuse a very angry, smelly, pukey baby!


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