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Monday, December 04, 2006

Ball Breaking

No, not that kind. It's the baby and the dang Christmas decorations. He broke two or three last night when we were decorating the tree. Two more this afternoon in the space of 5 minutes! I'm losing my balls, left and right! :) ha ha I just had to say that. So now I have a 9 ft tree that is bare from the floor up to about the 3 ft mark.

I still have deals & steals pouring into my inbox each day, but will try to keep posting my favorite products that I've actually tested and tried, AND that are giving discounts.

If you buy from these companies I post about, PLEASE tell them the Mobs Lounge sent you! I like for us to look good. ;) And let me know what you've tried and enjoyed. I'd be happy to post your recommendations here as well. Cheers!


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