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Monday, May 19, 2008

Potty Training for Dummies

I'm the Dummy and I need this book! I've never done this before, I have only potty trained a dog. Two different species, two different methods. I've read the "signs of readiness" and tips a hundred times. I've checked out a video from the library and I just got my Free Huggies DVD in the mail (but I still need to watch it). But none of these resources has yet to tell me to ditch the diapers and go to underwear first thing. I thought once we have the potty thing under control, then I would make the switch. Apparently, diapers confuse the little ones - see, I'm the dummy and need it spelled out for me! Also, why do they have all boys start peeing sitting down - then we have to re-train to stand up? And when your dude goes #2 on the potty, what is the best way to wipe his tush clean?

After talking to some veteran potty training moms here are some of the answers to the above questions that aren't easy to find in print.
*As soon as you decide to start the process, purchase some undies or pull-ups and keep your diapers for overnight.
*Most moms start their boys out sitting for both #1 & 2. After more research I found that often bowels and urine come at the same time, so you may want to wait for the standing pee lesson until he is a bit more accustomed to the whole potty thing.
*And for clean up after #2, have your tot lean forward while still sitting on the pot and clean away with your leftover diaper wipes or other "wet" wipes for potty training bottoms. Believe me, these work a thousand times better than regular old toilet paper.

If you have any great tips to share, please post a comment to this blog. All of us Potty Training Rookies would appreciate it!


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