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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lifes Little Pleasures

Okay girls, sometimes we can't fork over the dough for spa treatments, expensive clothes or shoes to pamper ourselves. So we must find inexpensive tiny treasures that will brighten our daily routine.

Grocery shopping is a drag, especially if you need to tote along your kiddos! And if your like me, I must have a list or I will forget something. I found this super cute Shopping List pad that will cheer up any grocery shopping excursion.

In the car all day taking kids to and fro? Do your keys seem to get lost in your purse? Here are some cool key caps that will make you smile and hopefully make them easier to find at the bottom of your purse!

If all it takes is a little vino and chocolate to treat yourself, why not combine them! RedEnvelope offers Wine filled chocolates - are these guys genius or what?!!
You can choose from dark chocolate/cabernet, dark chocolate/port, dark chocolate/champagne, white chocolate/chardonnay or a dark chocolate sampler. Yum!


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