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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wiggle Jiggles

This was news to me, though I'm sure some of you seasoned moms will simply chuckle at my revelation...

Young boys, about the age of 7-8, suddenly and uncontrollably, cannot hold still! While reading a book, he twirls his hair (which we finally cut really short last weekend). While talking his eyes dart about as if he were a criminal under brute force and major investigation (usually that's half true). While eating, writing, or doing anything that requires sitting in a chair, his feet swing like dualing pendulums.

It is enough to cause me to ask for a large dose of anxiety medication. Not for the kid, for me!

I get it now. I read the papers that come home from school (ok, not all, just a few each month). I've learned that seven/eight can't hold still. Fine. I get that. Unfortunately though, it drives the %*&#@ out of me!

So, seasoned moms...when the chuckling subsides, please tell me that this ends. It does end, right?



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