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Thursday, April 17, 2008


If you have a toddler or already been through that stage, you know that some words can be a mouthful for the little ones. The easiest fix is to make up new words in it's place. Again, I will reference Toy Story, since my tot has adopted a recent fondness for this movie. The other day he got up on his step stool and raised his arms above his head and said something that resembled Buzz Lightyear's slogan, "To infinity and beyond", and jumped off the stool onto the couch. He kept repeating this action, so I was able to comprehend his new word: In-fid-e-yond. This is now a regular word in our daily lives, just before Jr. Buzz is about to jump off something. Oh heaven help me that he doesn't try to fly from the top of the stairs next!


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