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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Yo Baby!

Okay we all know that the sun can do some pretty awful things to us… and our kids too! We slather the kids with sunscreen, strap on their hats and use canopies on everything from the stroller to the wagon. But wait, we forgot their eyes. I know what you are thinking; your kiddo would never keep on a pair of traditional shades. Well friends, my tot has been testing out one of the coolest pair around. Baby Banz has a pair called Retro Kids Banz that comes with a stretchy headband that is adjustable by Velcro. Not only do these babies look hip, their eyes are protected by UV400 lens. These lenses block out the entire spectrum of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays from the sun. Pretty cool, eh? My kid loves to wear them; he calls them his “goggles”. He can put them on himself with ease and I feel good knowing his little eyes are protected.

Did you know that until approx 8-9 yrs old a child has no filters in the eye to block out UV light? You can actually do MORE harm to the eye if you put an inferior lens in front of the eye. Behind tinted lenses, the iris opens to allow more light into the eye; if the lens doesn’t protect properly, and more UV light gets into the eye potentially damaging the child’s eye.

If the Retro Banz isn’t your kiddo’s style, check out the Baby & Kid Banz in the original style. This style is only $15 each, that’s a drop in the old sand bucket!

Coming Soon: MobsLounge will have a contest so TWO MOB readers can win a pair of Baby or Kidz Banz! Be sure you have joined our list for free email updates, so you won't miss out.


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