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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Absolutely Charming

I completely adore my Tommi Crystal Design necklace and charm! It was a hard choice with so much to choose from, but I opted for an Initial charm and a Cross toggle necklace. I tend to hear "where did you get that?". Not only is it fun to wear, it fits perfectly into most of my wardrobe choices, which nowadays consists mostly of t-shirts and such. There is a vast array of choices that you could find something to go with any type of outfit. There are scads of charms and gobs of necklaces to browse through. I bought mine at a Haute Market party and so can you... if you would like to see it in person to try on a few, head over to the Haute Market Vanity Fair party tonight, 5-9 pm at the Ritz Charles. Its posh adornment suited for any Queen!


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