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Monday, April 21, 2008

Mother Earth

You probably already know that tomorrow is Earth Day. We have been gradually making changes around our house to be more earth friendly. Almost every light has the new energy saving bulb, we recycle paper and cans, purchased (& use) the reusable bags from the grocery store and I have been filling my own cup with filtered water from home vs. buying bottle water… it’s astounding how many end up in the landfills. I know our efforts are just a small drop in the bucket, but at least we are trying. If you are looking to fit “green” ways into your lifestyle, has a few articles that are a must to read: 28 Ways Your Family Can Protect the Earth (Real world ways to go Green) & Earth Day Every Day (Fun ways to teach kids to care for the environment). Hope you find a few Earth saving tips that fit into your life.


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