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Friday, October 27, 2006

LOST: short haired baby, please call...

I keep losing the baby! Ok, he's not really a baby anymore...but he's the last one (yes, mom, definitely the last) and there fore he is forever, The Baby. in a 48 hr time span I think I've lost him 53 times. This dude was climbing into a kitchen cabinet today! I can barely fit the toaster in there, yet he wiggled and wriggled and found his way in.

I've made a habit of unplugging the baby monitor just in case someone in the neighborhood can pick up our frequency. Can you imagine their horror as they hear me screaming, "Mikey, where are you?!?" for the longest 30 seconds of my life??

He has found a nook behind the couch, a cranny beside the changing table, the pantry, behind the clothes hanging in the closet, inside the laundry basket, inside the beautiful black antique cabinet in the living room that was made for storing vinyl albums and stereo stuff in - now transformed into a chic place to hide Dr. Suess books and race cars..oh, and the baby.

A few of the places he's been hiding, I can't even figure out. He just materializes like a very short, and cute, Halloween ghost. Do they make a "clapper" for babies. I need to go google that.



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