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Friday, September 22, 2006

Hello Stranger! ~ Fab Friday Finds

Hi friends. Yes, I'm still here. I should have posted that I'm on vacation or something. The reality is that I've done my usual good job of over-committing myself to things. Super-mom-syndrome (wannabe).

Instead of doing much about it I'm just sitting back watching myself slip down the slope and land into a pile of dirty laundry. Actually, I did a bit of work today and have some goodies to tell you about. A very late Fab Friday Find post:

Kristine's Shower is giving away goodie bags with purchase! Order her fabulous new Bubblistics and get FREE swag!

SBS Teas not only has fabulous tea, but some very cool looking candles that are on sale. Buy 5 get one free. Great gift to stock up on!

Please visit the sites of these great gals and try out some of their fab goods!


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