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Monday, July 03, 2006

Monday Madness

Usually Monday is a day full of tears, screaming, crying and worse. Hanging on one's leg even. But today my hubby stayed home from work! Yeah, usually I'm dreading getting back to the work week, hanging on to him for dear life begging him to take a day off. He hops in his sporty little car and vrooms off to work with his grown-up music blaring and no one pegging him in the back of the head with a flying toy from the back seat. Lucky duck. Meanwhile, he thinks I have the cushy side of the relationship. Yeah, getting up at the crack of dawn and feeding three cranky, hungry boys is EXACTLY the way I pictured my future when Iwas a little girl. Then dragging them around town for errands, chasing them around the pool making sure non of my three darlings - who have no idea how to swim - don't fall in the deep end. Fighting with a three-year-old non-conformist. "You should take a nap," "NO". "You need to come outside," "NO". "Ok, stay outside," "NO".

Today was a different day ladies. Today I was the one to lay in bed while he fetched the baby out of the crib, got breakfast, etc. I took a shower. Washed my hair AND shaved, PLUS fixed my hair and got dressed! Then what to my sniffling nose did appear, but the scent of fresh coffee wafting through the air. I had to check the calendar to see if it was Mother's Day!

So I skip down to the kitchen, say "I love you!" to my hubby, and plant a big kiss on his cheek. The man looked at me like I was mad! So much for being grateful.
I cherished this brief moment of bliss, even the questioning look on hubby's face. Then went on about my normal day. Kids wailing, fighting and the baby eating breakfast off the floor. We take the small bits and hold on to them, don't we? Sometimes that's all we've got.


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