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Thursday, June 22, 2006

What Were You Thinking?

Clearly, I was not thinking when I decided that taking five boys ages 6 and under to a movie would be a good idea. We were running late and, thankfully, the movie was too full. I don't think I'd have survived. I saw a friend of mine driving through the parking lot as we entered the movies and she shouted out the window "what are you on crack or something?" Another mom, a complete stranger says "are all these cherubs yours?". First I had to look around to be sure she was talking to me. Cherubs? What planet do you live on, can't you see these are 5 boys? Is that physically possible to birth two completely different looking 6 year olds, then 3 year olds, then still have eggs left for a baby a few years later? I think not.

Isn't it hilarious how you can't go out with more than one child per adult without getting comments on how "brave you must be," or "you certainly have your hands full". Ok, the cherub lady was trying to be sweet, or maybe sarcastic, but otherwise people just look at you like they are waiting for you to lose complete control over your patience, the boys, and possibly even your bladder.
It's worse than the rubber-necking when a accident happens on the side of the road. In that case people want to see what gorey details they can pass on to their friends. In the case of kids in public I feel the bad mojo all around as everyone anticipates some unforgiveable act out of one of the kids.
My kids are so dramatic, maybe we should train them to put on a little show. A little shock value would be fun. Perhaps give them some scissors and let them chase each other up and down the aisles of the grocery store. Of course, then the onlookers would win because I'd laugh so hard I'd lose bladder control after all.


  • At 6:24 AM, Blogger Starrlady said…

    I can totally relate! Thank goodness my neice and my boys all respond to my holler and will line up on command. (P.S. It only works if my sister isn't around, then my boys are lined up and the neice is like, "I don't have to listen to you!") LOL


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