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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mom Couture

There's no reason you have to frump around town like a slob. Queen Mum is here to help you get a little more hip, at some hot prices.

Here is a deal for you, $18-24 earrings at Handmade earrings with sterling silver parts and adorned with beads the color of summer. Perfect for that up-do hairstyle (we moms call it a ponytail) and that new tank top.

Speaking of tank tops! How about the new MOBs Lounge apparel? Queen Couture is here and on sale for a few more days thanks to a great deal at cafepress. Just $15.99 for the tank top. I've been wearing mine around and everyone asks about it. I just love tooting my horn about the Mobs Lounge.

And here's a new item in our Queen Couture line. Frankly, no one needs to be asking you about this. But if you bend over too far, they might see your crown sticking out. Go to the Queen Couture store and see what I mean.
Enjoy your queen-wear!


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