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Monday, June 19, 2006

Better You Than Me

So I have this, I'll call her Rachel. (ha ha) I told her I'm writing about her today because the phrase "sh-- happens" has happened to her twice now. It's when the baby learns to take off his diaper ONLY at times it's filled with poop.

The first time I was sympathetic and willing to comfort her as a first-time mom with this new, disgustingly stinky, situation. But it happened again and now I get to laugh a bit! However, I was polite and thanked her for today's writing material.

She was telling me to title the blog something about the diapers because she was sure it was the diaper's fault. (Oh Rachel, you know I love you). So I innocently asked, "what was he wearing with it?"
Rachel answered "well it was hot so he was just in a diaper."

This is where I started laughing. Her boy is about 1 1/2 years old. So I explained my theory that as soon as they learn there is something to diddle with down there, they will go to great lengths to get to it. My baby always has pants/shorts on over his diaper because I know it's going to come off otherwise. (yes, I speak from experience)

The good news is she may have a budding artist taking after herself because apparently he was doing some interesting art work with the poo. ha ha! Better you than me babe. You know I would have lost it completely! Cheers!


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