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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tuesday Review ~ Cute Cards

Here at the MOBs Lounge Queen's Castle, we get a lot of notecards and invitation samples to check out. One I recently received is definitely worthy of a little horn tooting.

Mango Ink uses a nice, textured card stock that I love, plus it has and embossed border in which your photo fits snuggly. The graphics work by Mango Ink is very imaginative and unique. Their tag line sums it all up "Your words, your photos, your personality. Your card. We just add the mangos to sweeten it up". I love that!

So it seems pretty easy. Choose the card you like, send them photos and wording. Let them work some magic for you. You just add stamps. Check out their site and bookmark it for your next party. I think you'll be pleased and your guests will be amazed!


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