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Friday, June 16, 2006

Fab Find: Easy Summer Style

I'm an Old Navy lady lately. Normally I'm not a huge fan because it's not like the clothes are made to last, but when they currently cost so little, I indulge my Bargain Betty alter-ego just a bit.

I'm loving that the tank tops are on sale. That paired with their $5 shipping saves me the hassle of going to the store, in the horrible-humid Midwest heat, with three boys..need I go on?

I've purchased a few sets of tanks for layering, which look great with a fabulous chunky necklace or two or three. Paired with a denim skirt or gouchos, it's a perfect mom outfit for our summer outings. So check out Old Navy this week and do some easy online shopping while the sales are going on.
Must-have summer styles at!


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