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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Out of the Closet

I'm no Carrie Bradshaw, but I do love my shoes. I even got these wonderful clear-view storage boxes from Shoe Stor to display my most beloved beauties. However, there is one pair that didn't fit the containers. My chocolate-colored Coach boots. I've yet to wear these sassy little numbers. I bought them for the rush of the sale, not realizing how pretentious they would look on me later with the logo printed all over them. So they have been sitting in a dark and loney box for at least two years.

No shoe fetish here. Though my family may beg to differ. They see me frequenting the closet shoe shelf, but so far have yet to comment on these strange visits. I don't know if they are respecting my shoe privacy or truly afraid of what I may be doing in there. Well, a Queen must have her treasure and she must hide it well. My treasure? Chocolate. My hiding place? The dark shoe box.

Those poor little boots haven't really been loney. They have been sharing space with some of my most coveted chocolates. Lindt, Dove, Roses, just to name a few of my favorites (in case you need a gift idea). So when I scream, "stay away from the shelf with my chocolate boots!", no one even suspects the double meaning. They back away respectfully and get out of the closet.


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