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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

DIY ~ Stinky Baby No More

Jen Casey, owner of Munchskins Skin Care, has independently launched a fabulous book and has sent us a copy for a future contest!

'Homemade Baby ~ *The guide to making your own baby care essentials. The Natural Way!' is a handy new resource guide, full of information on potentially toxic chemicals found in some baby products on the market, and alternative recipes that you can create at home from ingredients found at the local market!
From natural Diaper Pail Deodorizer pucks to laundry products to bath fizzies, parents can now learn how to make pure products for their own children, using ingredients found in nature.

Now, I must confess. I am one who is much more likely to go out and buy things instead of make them naturally, because I'm a bit lazy and unadventurous. After reading Jen's book, I can say that I will definitely be trying some of her recipes. I've always wanted to make a bath fizzie and we certainly could use some Diaper Pail Deodorizers around our castle!

Now, exclusively through the book's independent site, receive a FREE Munchskins 'Kiss Me, Baby!' 100% natural lip balm with each purchase of the book! The lip balm is completely unscented, perfect for mom's lips and baby's cheeks, and clips on to the diaper bag for easy access with a handy key ring.

Visit Jen's site and buy a few books. They are going to make fabulous gifts for new mom's, and even seasoned moms like myself.


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