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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thurs. Musings ~ Mommy Brain

Typing on Tuesday, posting this go back in time...

it's Tuesday afternoon. I just got back from taking my oldest to school, however I couldn't leave him there because school is done for the kindergarteners. WHAT?!? No, no, no. Last day is supposed to be Wed. the 24th. Right? Wrong mom.

So we drive up and the parking lot has about 1/3 of the normal amount of cars. But the marquee still says "Wed. 24th Last Day of School". I'm safe. The sign says so.

I decide to walk in with Son #1 to find out the scoop. The scoop is, Sons, your mom is a big freakin' idiot. I guess that explains why they had a graduation ceremony yesterday that I also did not know about. I lost brain cells when I lost my placenta.

This news made my hubby laugh, yet didn't surprise him. After all, I'm the one who brought Son to school a day early at the beginning of the year.


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