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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wednesday Review & a FREEBIE too!

It's the pits.

Two leading competitors go head to head in combat to win the favor of the Queen Mum. Today the competition hits above the belt and under the arms. It's Arrid ExtraDry clear gel vs. Degree Ultra Clear Pure Satin.

First, Arrid. To credit their claim, yes it does go on clear and stay pretty clear. But who has time to put that on and then walk around the house for a few minutes while her under-arms dry? Certainly not this mother of three. So I'm irritated that I paid money for this stuff. Plus I lost the cap and the way the residual gel has hardened on the top...ewww. THUNK. That's the sound of it hitting my trash can. Hey, the Morning Clean scent was nice. Now my trash smells just like their 'stylish fragrance'.

Ok, so maybe it's not fair comparing a gel to a solid. Oh well. I'm the Queen, it's my party. Plus, the Degree stuff came in the mail for free and I'm not paying for another useless gel that causes me to walk around in the 'I surrender' position for at least 5 minutes (it looked less stupid than the 'chicken dance' position).

Degree has won my favor again. I used to use the spray and somehow switched to solids a while back (probably a coupon, who knows). So I'm using my cute little sample size to take to the gym. No one is squishing up their faces around me, so I'm guessing the deodorant part is working. It doesn't seem to be leaving marks on my clothes, yet I can't say I've had an opportunity to wear my little black dress to a play date or the petting zoo recently to test it. I can say that it goes on dry and does the job.

Best news of all? You can get a free sample too! Click FREE SAMPLE to get yours now. Let us know if you get your freebie and how you like it. No more chicken dancing for this mama!


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