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Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday, Mum's Musings - Karma

Today started like any other, a brief fog followed by a more conscious awareness that the baby was whining, the older boys were somewhere other than their room - probably elbow deep into a box of cereal again. Then I must have earned some bad karma because something happened that really frustrated and annoyed me. Today was a gym day and I started to hesitate, but knew going would be best for my channeling my frustration, instead of projecting it on to the boys.

Thank goodness I got off my tail because I LOVE my gym class called Nia. It's a form of dance that honors your body. It's like the dancing form of yoga for me. It's hard to describe Nia, you truly have to experience it. As described by the Nia creators on their site:

"We say that Nia is a lot like the Tao. It cannot be defined by any one word or by a single phrase. It cannot be limited to a single way of thinking or perception because it is always evolving and changing, uniquely touching each and every person who experiences her.
Nia is personal. It is a sensation that can only be felt. It's like Chocolate. You have to taste it!"
(from Overview of Nia at

Our last song we danced to was truly karma knocking on my door telling me which direction to take my frustration. It's lyrics say "treat me like a lady," and "what comes around goes around" (I couldn't understand the rest). It's a fun, funky song and I was truly jamming and smiling all the while knowing that my good karma was back. (Really, I was jamming - you should have seen me, I was HOT!)

At the end of our class is usually meditation. I often skip it because it relaxes me too much and I feel dozey when I pick up the boys. For that I need to be on top of my game. Today I needed meditation to un-focus on today's negative events and focus on the positive. Our instructor guided us to live today with passion. Passion in living full of joy. She suggested taking something simple, like smiling at a stranger and them smiling back. To take that moment and really feel it. Acknowledge the emotion and harness the joy. On the flip side, if something frustrates us, to acknowledge that emotion, then let it go to instead find joy. Quite a challenge to do this in every day life. For today, I'll try. I hope you will too. And find a Nia class to try. It's amazing! For an hour, twice a week, I sweat and don't even mind it! I get to focus on me and forget about the clogged toilet at home, rotting mystery stuff in the back of the van and the fact that there are three days of school left.

Cheers friends!


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