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Monday, April 07, 2008

Mommy, That Boy Hurt My Feelings

Today's Blog entry is by Guest Blogger:
Amy from Olathe, KS (1 son, Miles-4yrs)

After being cooped up for weeks we enjoyed a full afternoon at the park. My son Miles is immediately attracted to a game of tag with the "big boys" (kindergartners). He's their height but just not quite on the same language and development level. He's off again and I find a rock to park myself on for a nano-second of rest until I hear the crying. You see, I'm usually the mom who perks up when I hear crying because I'm sure my son has done SOMETHING to someone, usually a loud dinosaur growl to a sweet little toddler or something that produces shrills and an evil eye from another mom. I've found mamas of little girls are very unforgiving of the dino growl and any loud noise for that matter when their princess is being disturbed. Okay, please don't write me off just yet, I grew up as that little princess, with a sister to match! I'm new to this rough and tumble boy stuff but I'm learning by Miles' fourth year not to sweat it and it's okay if he gets dirty! Okay, moving on with the story. The cry was MY son! No, he didn't fall he was called a "name" by the big boy! Oh my! My heart was broken. This was the first experience where he was very upset by what another kid said to him. When he was a toddler and even in this preschool phase,"poo-poo face" is about as bad as it gets, and usually erupts in laughter. No, this was hurt feelings producing tears and questions. "Why did that boy say a naughty word to me Mommy? He hurt my feelings." Holding back my mama bear instinct leading me to give that little punk a piece of my mind, I realized these are babies and I need to use this as another teaching moment. I just don't remember many of those moments when I was a kid. Are we less tolerant, more sensitive, or so paranoid that our kid is going to be bruised emotionally from experiences such as this? He recovered, I recovered and hopefully our teaching moment will prompt him to reconsider before he decides to 'not make a positive choice' and hurt someone else's feelings. Boy, are we PC or what!

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