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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


We all love baby soft skin - especially if it belongs to us. How best to achieve that during the sticky summer months? Immerse yourself in some super scented soap suds, courtesy of Danielle and Company.
Soapmaker extraordinnaire Danielle Fleming infuses each handmade bar with moisturizing shea butter and pure, high quality fragrance and essential oils. The biggest problem I encountered was choosing what I wanted most; with a scent selection that rivals Baskin Robbins' 31 flavors and two sizes to choose from (jumbo and mini), Danielle and Company makes shopping for soap a little more exciting than your usual drugstore jaunt.

For super smooth skin, opt for a bar of Apricot Scrub. It's a sweet treat that leaves skin gently exfoliated. And if a trip to the beach isn't quite around the corner, the next best thing might be The Tropics, Danielle and Company's cool coconut- and lime-scented treat.

Planning to share the stuff with the family? (How generous.) The kids will get a kick out of My Favorite Frosting and Strawberry-licious, both incredibly true to their namesakes. And because his ego can never boosted enough, your own manly man will love a bar of Manly Man, a rich blend of musk and sandalwood. These soaps also make adorable gifts, as anyone who receives a Soap-To-Go set will attest to.

A word of advice: if you're planning on indulging in the 6 oz. bars (highly recommended), slice them in half for ease of use. These babies are big, and so worth the extra effort to keep them from ending up all over the tub floor! Even better, invest in a mesh soap saver (around $3 at Target) and slip the bar into the bag. This little genius prolongs your soap's use, amps up the lather production, and even adds a touch of exfoliation to the mix. Bliss!


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