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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

P.S. My baby is nearly gone

Tomorrow my baby turns one, and in my eyes, is officially a toddler. No more baby for me. I held him so tight and for so long before putting him to bed tonight. It was breaking my heart and now my arms ache to go hold him some more. One year ago today I sat there, in labor for about 24 hrs already and had several to go. Don't ask what my hubby was doing...he was a bit out of commission after the fourth of July party last year. No comment.

So our baby is one tomorrow. Geez, time flies. I'll be reviewing lots of great baby toys and goodies that he gets..after we play with them a bit first. :) So make sure you keep checking back to see what baby Mikey gets. Ahem..excuse me...big boy Michael. wahhhhh! I think I'd better go peek at him once more.
Ciao friends!


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