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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Happy Birthday Baby!

Our baby is ONE today! Such a bittersweet day. It's wonderful to celebrate his big day, but sad that this is our last baby. I'm holding tight to every little moment because now I realize how quickly they grow up. And we could have lost him last year, so we're lucky to have such a strong little guy now!

So far he's only opened one present, since he doesn't really "get it" anyway. His brothers bought him the electronic giggling Curious George. I like it because it's a soft toy, but not fuzzy for him to get that junk in his mouth. I just wiped with a sani-cloth and let him go at it. It really makes him giggle. George has several tickle spots so the baby gets ahold of one eventually. We've been working on monkey recognition and sounds a monkey makes lately, so it was perfect that the older boys found this toy. That and baby's new word this week is "nah nuh" for banana. My little monkey boy.

So the Curious George gets a thumbs up. Plus we found the 'off' switch...very important feature for our already noisy household.


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