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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

How Low Do You Go?

I've been shopping today, looking for a fun outfit that helps me fit in with an artsy crowd on Friday night. I hit Old Navy first. Usually I can't fit a darn thing in there to fit me, but I got lucky with these gouchos for only $14.50! Mine are black (in photo is artichoke).

This belt, also in black, to accompany the outfit. Added bonus, belts were 30% off in the store!

All this is to match my camouflage-print tube top. I never, in a million years, thought I'd get into a tube top. But I gotta make the most of my temporary assets due to being a nursing mama. ;)
Now I want to know what is going on in the fashion world that makes all designers feel the need to see my c-section scar. Really! Do the pants and shorts need to be THAT low? So does no one wear underwear these days but me? Luckily the gouchos are a fold-over top, so I don't have to show off my battle wounds. Everything else I've seen in the last two days of shopping are labeled "LOW", "Hipsters", "Ultra Freakin' LOW LOW LOW". Just how low do you go?

Well, it's nearly 3 o'clock - time to load up the little one's and pick up the oldest prince from school. I'm going to pay close attention to the other moms and figure out how low they go. Then it's off to find some shoes. I's a rough life, but a Queen has to do what a Queen has to do.
Can you believe that the whole time I was in Old Navy I forgot to get those cool swim shorts for the boys? :) oops.


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