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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Give Nausea a Licking

Waking up queasy, gaging while brushing teeth and the beloved morning coffee no longer sitting well in the tum tum. The result, spending several hours a day with her head in the toilet. This was the routine for one unlucky MOBster who is expecting #2, that was until she tested the Preggie Pop Drops. Once she tried the Drops, relief came within minutes. Amazing! She keeps them in her nightstand drawer and pops one in her mouth before she gets out of bed in the morning. She said this helps curb the queasies before she even stands up!
Preggie Pop Drops come in original formula and have an Organic version too. Developed by healthcare professionals these delicious sour fruit drops have the same special formulation used in Preggie Pops. Each flavor has been specially selected. This special recipe includes essential oils which not only provide an effective way to soothe the tummy, but also alleviate dry mouth and give you a quick energy boost. Pure enough to carry a Kosher certification and made in the USA.
Not only do they offer relief for morning sickness, Queasy Drops help with a queasy stomach associated with motion sickness and chemotherapy. Check out all products and flavors - there are many to choose from.
Can't wait for your on-line order, need your Drops now? Locate a store near you to shop for Drops locally!


  • At 8:07 PM, Blogger Fashionista said…

    I absolutely can attest that these pops help. Only certain flavors worked for me. Who in the hell wants a ginger-flavored ANYTHING? let alone a lollipop. :)


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