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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Time Out

Hey's a little crazy around here, and since I'm the boss and all I've decided I'd better let you know that I've just got to take a break. We decided yesterday that we want to buy a house we happened upon and quickly put our house on the market today! ACK! So I'm busy picking up toys, scrubbing floors and getting the house in fantastic shape to, hopefully, sell quickly.

I wish I could post some funny story or recount the crazy things my boys are doing lately, but I just don't have anything. This is why we work from home and juggle work and kids, right? So we can occasionally just take leave and take care of home & family.

Hopefully I'll post some fabulous house news soon. The great news so far is that if we get the house, I'll have my own private office! Cheers!


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