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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Winter Warm Up

Old Navy Boys Painter Jeans
Today's mission is: buy more warm clothes for boys without going out in the cold. I fall back on and old favorite, Old Navy. The clothes last long enough to feel I got a good deal, they usually fit fine and I've never had to do a return. My first find is the Old Navy Boys Painter Jeans. I'm pretty sure we already have at least two pair of these for my six year old and I'm getting two more. They have the adjustable waist so at least I can get him a six and know they won't fall off his skinny waist. And after watching him and the neighbors boys slide down the sidewalk while waiting for the bus, I have a feeling we'll need a new pair anyway - at $16.50 each, not a bad investment.

Next I need a few more hoodies. My little man says the big kids poke fun about all the winter wear his has on. A hoodie looks cool and elimiates my nagging about wearing a hat.
Old Navy Boys Graphic Zip Hoodies

Again, under $20...not bad.
I'm going to go finish my shopping. Turns out we have to go out this morning anyway, but at least I can do the drive-thru bank and pharmacy! Cheers!


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