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Monday, January 29, 2007

In Case of Emergency

Every year or so I'm prompted to look deep within my phone book listing while preparing for what I hope will never emergency and the need for medical personnel to contact someone. I dread the "In Case of Emergency" contact: _____ space on medical forms. With no family members nearby, the title falls to a nearby friend. I worry about burdening someone.

All my friends also have a few kids and can't just drop everything to come help mine. I scroll thru my numbers: she's pregnant & puking, she works during the day, she lives further than the rest. But the question isn't really 'who does it inconvenience the least?', it's 'who will do it no matter what, no matter where, no matter when, because that person loves your kids like their own?'.

I hope every mom has several names to answer that question. No matter if it's one or four people - let each know how much it means to you that they care for your kids so much. And definitely warn the one which you bestow the title of "In Case of Emergency, Contact". For me it would be an honor to be this person to my friends, never a burden.


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