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Friday, January 26, 2007

The Shining

I didn't get to post yesterday because we were not shiny happy people. Our little guy had his 18 month well visit, except that he wasn't well. A little virus and some pink-eye always makes a baby fun, huh? The usual questions...."does he run?" uh yeah, away from me. "does he use words together?" um...I think so. Then on top of the check-up it's time for shots. Yuck. The older they get, the more wickedly they look at you while enduring the pokes. After all, you brought them to this torture chamber and are sitting there watching it happen and not making it stop.

Relief set in as we finished and finally got to the mini-van. The boys like to go in through the back while I'm putting the stroller away. I had one of the seats flipped up due to hauling big stuff yesterday. The baby managed to fall precisely into the exposed metal bottom of my upturned seat. A lot of screaming followed. I thought surely he poked his eye out this time. A few seconds (which felt like hours as it all seemed in slow motion) later, he suddenly had a huge purple mound protruding from under his eye. I was calmly freaking, if that's possible.

Of course we ran back inside to make sure he wasn't blinded by the fall. Now even more screaming. I had dared to take the poor soul back into the torture center or horror. By this time the waiting room is packed! Thankfully we were whisked into a room. Now I can say that he does use two words together. "I go" and "get down" were repeatedly screamed confirming his vocal skills. Of course my middle child decides he has to pee, and he is hungry. Geez. It never ends.

Then it gets better! We're leaving, but the little guy now doesn't want to leave. He wants to play with the toys. ARGH! He can't play, he has pink eye. I say "no", he throws himself onto the floor and everyone watches me. I will NOT play into this I stand at the door saying "bye, we're leaving". What a bitch, huh?

Finally, home. The eye looks horrible. Today as we ran errands everyone stares, a few ask what happened, I mention that he conveniently fell just outside the doctors office. It's definitely the biggest shiner any of the boys have ever had. And this is just the beginning, right? Oh the testosterone nightmare!


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