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Thursday, May 11, 2006

My 6 yr old teenager

I'm sucking down coffee and doing my best to type/think coherently. Princes 2 & 3 were up early this morning. Both happy, yacking away and demanding food. Pleasant. Then I hear the stomping which, lately, always precedes the arrival of Prince1 in the a.m.. Scowl on his face, head down and walking rapidly to avoid all life forms here in the kitchen. Prince1 rounds the corner and dives straight down to the basement to watch TV. I do my best to put on a cheery 'hello'. It is ignored.

I'm a little worried as he's just had surgery last week to take out adenoids and put tubes in his ears. Yesterday his ears were hurting. Maybe they are hurting now? I'll save you the details of the conversation. All that came from him were a few NO's anyway.
I'm left to wonder, where in the Guidebook does it mention turning 6 equals turning 16?
Cranky, prefers isolation, ignores everyone, scowls often. I'm quite positive Mr. Webster uses those words exactly to define a teenager.
Oh dear. Does this mean he'll be asking to shave soon? Borrow my car? (No. I have a mini-van...the keys are safe. Note to self: own a mini-van until kids are out of the house.)

I must consult with my Royal Queen friends in the forum to find out if this is a behavior typical of a 6 year old, or if there is evil magic at work in our kingdom.

To end positively and cheer myself a bit, I'll share a few of my "reasons boys are great" with you:
~gum in the hair is easily solved by a quick buzz-cut
~people expect boys to be dirty so cleaning isn't mandatory
~bed head is cool
~they don't usually care what color clothes they wear
~they LOVE their mommas!


  • At 5:32 AM, Blogger Mergirl said…

    My 6-year old has been waking up in a foul mood every morning. He picks a fight with me over the temperature of the bathwater, what he wants for breakfast, how I tie his shoes, etc. etc. There must be some kind of pop-psychology explanation, like he's trying to separate from his mother be/c he really feels too dependent. I kiss him on top of the head and say, "Nice voice, please!" It's funny be/c at times he curls up in my lap and rests his stressed out little head on my shoulder like a docile baby. I think the poor little guy is trying to be a big boy but part of him still want to be my little boy. Just like in the book, Love You Forever, as long as I'm living my baby he'll be.

    It's so true, little boys love their mommies! Happy Mother's Day!!

  • At 7:43 AM, Blogger Queen Mum said…

    You are SO right. My 6 yr old is the oldest and I forget he still needs to be my "baby". Thanks for reminding me Mergirl!


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