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Monday, May 08, 2006

Why, why, why?

The endless comments questioning my authority as Queen often lead me to a large glass of wine promptly at 5 o’clock.

“Wash your hands”
“Put on sunscreen”

Then there are the questions I can’t always answer intelligently because I’ve not slept for 6 years and converse mostly with 3 children under 6 all day:
“What is thunder?” “Why does it rain?”

I’ve finally found the answer at our local bookstore. “The Handy Answer Book for Kids (and Parents)” by Judy Galens and Nancy Pear. I was tickled to find that these women both have boys and are familiar with the “questioning years”.

The “Handy Answer Book” is a fantastic tool for you and your kids. I encourage my oldest son to read the answers himself. He loves it!

You will often find me taking advantage of this new reference tool as well.
“Why do I have wax in my ears?”
“Why do we get diarrhea?”

"Let me just tell you my dear, inquisitive boy." The Queen is now the all-knowing!

The “Handy Answer Book” is my new shield for the barrage of questions my subjects shoot at me like arrows. I highly recommend it to Queens everywhere.


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