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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

How much material do you need?

No you haven't been transported to the local fabric store. I'm talking material for the blog. How much material can one mum possibly expect to obtain from one day with her darling boys? Oh my lord...PLENTY!

It started like a normal day. The two older boys awake before me (and the sun), chilling in the family room, both with their hands elbow deep in a box of cereal. Which, by the food allowed in the family room. Baby demanding something..never sure what. Put something crunchy on his high chair tray, shove some mush into his mouth. Etc.

Then it happens without warning. My sweet boys are quickly possesed by something mean, evil and down-right naughty.

I wanted to write about my first day back to the gym in 9 months. I wanted to rave about this dance class I am in. I wanted some sweet story to recount to you in my first post as Queenmum. I did not want to write about naughty boys, poop in places it shouldn't be, and a mummy who decided she would be retiring early from being a SAHM.

But this is real life my friend. No pretending, no making up things to be better than they seem. Oh we have great days! Don't worry about that. This won't be a downer. On the contrary...I imagine you'll be purchasing Depends to keep from messing your chair because you'll laugh so hard at us some days. All the while thanking the lord that it isn't you!

Needless to say, I've got plenty of material from today to last me a few weeks. So keep checking back and enjoy my tales of being a mother of boys. (Three, six and under, by the way).

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