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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

More Mum's Musings:

Can I just say..Thank goodness for school nurses!...?? Had it not been for the care and concern of my son's school nurse, he could be suffering from permanent ear drum damage and some hearing loss. At her insistence, I kept on the pediatrician about my eldest son's ears. Fast forward a few months to today.

Surgery day! My son just got home from the hospital. He had adenoids taken out and tubes put in. A fair trade I suppose. (I'm hoping to negotiate a similar trade with a plastic surgeon in the future - 'take some booty and give me some boobies')

I had no idea that adenoids could be such a bother. They can swell, preventing drainage and result in ear infections. They can also cause snoring. Worst of all, the doctor can't see them on a regular ear check. So be your child's best advocate if you feel it's more than just 'a little cold'. the funny bit. I'm doting all over my son making sure he feels ok, throat doesn't hurt, isn't going to throw up on my nice couch, etc.
Mum: "You ok bud?"
Prince1: "mmm, hmmm."
Mum: "Do you hear better now?"
Prince1: "I dun no"
Mum: "Oh, well I just wondered if things sound differently or if you hear better yet."
Prince1: "HUH?"
LOL. Cheeky little monster looks up at me with a sheepish grin.
I guess he's feeling fine and I don't have to feel guilty about getting some work done now!


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