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Friday, February 22, 2008

Fab Find

Does your little one drench himself while gulping from your water bottle? Mine sure does! I found a nifty spill-proof water bottle spout in the sippy cup isle at our local Hy-Vee grocery store. It’s made by Gerber and has been a dream to tote around with us. It works great, no leaks and fits most water bottles with ease. However, if they turn the bottle upside down and squeeze, out comes water. Our kiddo hasn’t learned this yet, but daddy discovered it, thank goodness junior wasn’t watching!

For other spill-proof options, I found a couple other spouts on-line. The Lil Topper works similar to the Gerber one and comes in two sizes. Check out “How it works” on the Lil Topper site for details. It is available on several websites including or plug in your zip on the “Purchase” page for a dealer near you.

If your babe prefers a nipple, BabySport is for you. It is a nipple adapter for your water bottle. It comes with two adapter sizes and a nipple. It fits most water bottles as well and can be found at 7-11, Circle K, Jewel Osco &

I had no idea there were multiple products out there like this – I wish I would have found them sooner, we use ours regularly. I keep one in the car for drink emergencies!


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