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Monday, February 25, 2008

Bite your Tongue

Amazement came over me when harsh words slid past my angelic tot’s lips. His chatter did not bear curse words, but it sounded just as ugly. As he pushes a bar stool into me trapping me between the kitchen counter and the stool, he says “Back off, Back off” in an aggressive way. I ask myself, where in the world did he learn this? I mentally scan my list of frequently used expressions and a light bulb went off. Of course, he got that from me… one of my overly used phrases I yell at our dogs. I’ve been conscious of not using profanity words but, I failed to realize he would mimic a simple scolding to our pooches. Then I had a ghastly flash into the future… what if he did the same thing on a play date? You can bet I will be biting my tongue the next time!


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